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Prime Maids London was established eight years ago with a single goal to serve the Londoners with all their cleaning and housekeeping needs. Our regular cleaning services provide clean, healthy and safe solutions to maintain your home at the highest standards. Our cleaning personnel is selected very carefully and our pricing policy is competitive. When you contact us our professionals will design a cleaning plan that fits best your needs and requirements.

Besides getting to save some personal time, there are three very convincing reasons for hiring the professional cleaning services provided by the best housemaids in London.

Product Expertise

The experts at Prime Maids London provide the best regular cleaning services in London! They have been extensively trained in every aspect of domestic house cleaning and home maintenance. With their specialized and rich product knowledge they know which products are best suitable on a variety of surfaces, including metal, wood, tile, as well as granite, to avoid damage and get the best out of it. Our experts use environmentally friendly professional- and commercial- grade cleaning products. Specialized Training

Our technicians must complete a thorough training course in order to operate any of the specialized equipment in order to carry out the cleaning services you need to the highest standards.

Health and Safety

All our regular cleaners in London take safety and health extremely seriously when performing their cleaning operations. We implement best-practices to ensure both yours and our maids’ safety. They receive full training in the safe use of equipment, materials and machinery.

To book your professional service appointment be it one-off cleaning, regular cleaning or housekeeping service with the best London cleaning company contact Prime Maids London on 0207 4032 091. Our polite and friendly customer representatives will be happy to answer all your questions related to our services.

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